Have been wanting to write a book , ever since i think i can remember wanting something..anything.. real bad. And I have been wanting to see the whole world… ever since i think i ve been seeing the world around me. And after many failed attempts at really jotting down what i feel and see and want and think , and the countless discussions inside my mind about places to see and opinions unexpressed – am back. at it. writing. coz thats what i think i am best at. well.. umm.. that;s what makes me happy !

One of the many things that have essentially made how life looks now , different from how it was some 7 odd months back was – ahh marriage ?

Very recently i was putting together this collage of photos and thinking of fancy one liners that go with the happy faces and pretty pictures in front of me . and i thought why havent i written about it ?

umm .. and as i was struggling through the complex pages of creating a virtual traveller – i thought , goodness why am i not writing about this!

so here it is. simple , clean. exactly how it was and a little more.

The journey of a thousand miles started with a trip around the world and this is how it all began.

Doing what I am best at!

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