Champs Elysees … The Theme for a Dream

Our very first day, infact evening at Paris began with a walk down at the glittering Champs Elysées. After a swift visit to Arc de Triumph that was around the corner of our hotel street we set out walking as the cold december breeze and the dazzling sights of the picture perfect paris street, blew us away!

The perfect combination of an upmarket finesse and a cultured charm , one can Relish on the street food , wine & dine at the plush restaurants , gawk at the glossy showroom windows plush with designer labels or enjoy the beauty of the christmas setting in as cold breeze hits your face .. as you walk down from Arc de triumph at one end to napoleon square at the other.

One of the most amazing things we saw was the way this car was crawling up the walls at the audi showroom on the brand-ed street (literally) and these bunch of school kids from some far eastern country freaking out totally. was so was yours truly – how do you think i managed the pic other wise? 😀

We had trouble making up our mind where to have our first ever dinner in paris – the land of french cousine and after going through a lot of menus we settled for this place right next to pizza pino. Hmm.. Pasta never tasted so good ever! And Mr Husband , couldnt help, but say Cheese!

We returned to our hotel , as fatigue finally was beginning to set in and One of the most happening evenings of my life – the day 1 at paris , ended with the hopes of discovering the beautiful city through a guided tour the very next morning.

Day 1 @ Paris , Walking down the paradise city

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