Our memorable trip to paris started off with the check in at the Royal Elysses . ummm well actually started off when we landed at the airport and went on to build up when it actually sunk in when along the way on our cab ride we crossed the pretty as a picture locales of the city. but then lets not get carried away with that. Hmm.. so here’s how day 1 @ Paris looked and felt like!

Royal Elysses : This is where our Royal stay happened @ Paris

Over looking the very high end street – Victor Hugo , this hotel promises a royal stay that fits the pocket well.Cozy and plush , over looking the glossy windows of some very well known labels in the fashion scene , it runs parallel to Champ Elyss – the heart line of the city that runs from Arc De Triumph circle at one end to the Napoleon Square at the other.

As one walks done Champ Elyss , gaping at the brand names leaping out on the street thats glittering with the christmas lights and dressings on to the napoleon square to see the Eiffel tower at a distance , one cant help but thank one’s star for the perfect place to stay at Paris.other than Ritz ofcourse :Dwhat’s truly impressive about this place and almost every place one visits in Europe , the way the reception staff makes you feel welcome and guides you on the places to see and how to find your way around them in the city!this hotel serves some quick fix breakfast , but in terms of places to eat there are many pizzerias on the champ elyss street that runs parallel. It also has the victor hugo subway terminal that ‘s well connected with the metro line , at a walking distance. Plus , what more- the Lido show happens just aroundn the block here!

Thumb’s Up to the place for : Super friendly and very cordial staff , some very very yummilicious muffins and bakes on the menu @ the breakfast , very well connected with the must – see places in the city , awesome location and Great Views!

Paris : What more does one want – but a room with a view
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