Day 2 :Drive to Fatehpur Sikri

Built by Emperor Akbar this masterpiece in red sandstone called Fatehpur Sikri is a few hours away from agra . Believers from across the world come down here to pay tribute to the mazaar of chishti , whose blessings made Akbar a father.There is a short cut from Agra that bye – passes the main high way to delhi , and takes one to fatehpur sikri- a well preserved town in itself of a mazzar and some palaces.

Once a full fledged city , it is believed that it was abandoned some years post it was built , due to shortage of water and supplies. Now a World Heritage site this compact township is up on a hill connected only through local transport – one has to park one’s own vehicle downhill at a particular point. The Panch Mahal and the Buland Darwaza that enclose with in them the famous mazaar of saint chishti show case Mughal architecture brilliantly.The ever enthusiastic guide showed us the exact location from where anarkali escaped , instead of being buried alive in a wall – as the legend goes. phew!

Jodha bai palace : we had to visit this mahal , essentially because of the hype that the epic of a movie jodha akbar created.we did find some facts that really were nt how they appeared in the movie though , but then – who is contesting history or its depiction anyway

As we started off on our way back home wading through the impossible highway traffic that was building up , I thought to myself – Simply because Taj Mahal symbolises eternal love between Shah Jahan and Mumtaz , its gained the popularity that it enjoys. And to think of it , Akbar went on to create a town in respect of the saint who blessed him with a heir , is hardly ever quoted as an example of “expression of love”. Hmmm.
Fatehpur Sikri : A Masterpiece in Red Sansdtone

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