The gorgeous work of art in white marble – the taj , is something many poets and writers of our times have written vividly about.


And it wasnt as if it was the first time I was visiting this place , to be completely awed by its pristine charm . Just that honestly , I ve never really understood why its rated as one of the most beautiful monuments of our times. I seriously and yes , I am saying that out loud , so sue me if you may- find the whole idea over rated.



I think any place or moment becomes special – only of the way you feel when you are in it , and if you can share it with some one special then more so.We thought of going a little romantic in the most unconventional sense in our snap- slightly off focus , very unprepared !



Is romance all about holding hands and acting mushy? Well we don’t think so , I think being together , can be highly romantic too.



So here we are at our romantic best @ the Taj on a foggy morning in January . Picture Perfect.. isnt it?
Picture Perfect (?)

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