Sometime around jan end , we ended up using an extended weekend well – by planning a Road trip to Agra . There was Jaipur as an option too … but then there are more weekends around the corner too. I ve been to Agra countless times , but then if one needs to work on a list that reads as “Must visit places with Mr Husband” , then one needs to work quite selflessly and diligently at that , right? So here we come , Agra!



Agra , and i dont suppose this comes as news to any one , is better known as the city of Taj. Though amongst other things , this beautiful city can safely boast of its handmade footwear, yummilicious petha (a traditional indian sweet) and a heritage that dates back to the times of mughals !


Though Agra is well connected with delhi through trains , air route and road – a road trip is i feel the best way to explore india.Starting off really early in the morning from delhi , We drove down trying to find our way through the dense foggy morning , some 204 kms to Agra.


We stopped by to visit the old twin-city of Mathura -vrindavan , 47 kms before one hits Agra , famous as the birth place and home ground for Lord Krishna. Banke bihari , ISKON . janambhumi – and sweet lassi and kachori/puri bhaji is something one cant afford to miss at these old rustic cities!


Another place to visit relevant from religious point of view is the govardhan parvat. Its believed that if your take a certain number of rounds (bare-feet!) of the pious temple on the holy hill , you are bound to get what you wish for. Well , we weren’t upto the attempt , however sold on we were to the idea though , so we gave it a miss and headed to Agra instead.


Could nt help remembering the good old times when we were posted here , when i used to drop down during college breaks as a student . The people , the colour , the old world charm – quite endearing.
Road Trip !

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