Day 2 : Exploring Paris

Our very first morning kicked off quite early after a typical french breakfast ( Fruit preserves , chocolate croissant .. am i still dreaming !!) . Our personal tour guide , a petite french lady with an accent to kill for appeared right on dot for our pick up in a Travera like vehicle , with another couple from Miami , began a day of beauty-over-dose!

As we toured across the city , looking through our car window and taking quick breaks for some pics listening to stories behind the breathtaking monuments , the french architecture and history. Isabella our tour guide took us through the old city routes and the new ones to really show how the architecture of the city has been a mirror of the times the city had lived through! Old buildings clearly depicted the class system followed in the earlier times – where in the top most floor used to be of the king with more elaborate windows and arcs , while the lower floors clearly had demarcation of the “the hands and legs – i.e. the people who provided services” . And as one moved to the newer city across the Seine river , multi storeyed – glass windowed sky scrappers depicting a very Urban and modern face of one of the leading economies of the world.

True to what’s always said about the city , its been home to people and trends from various parts of the world – it did come across as a fusion of old and new . Where else would you find an age old museum , the Louvre, showcasing years and years of historic references with history meeting contemporary right at its entrance ( different gates as a tribute to architectural nuances of different times – the grand gate at one end and the pyramid like glass structure at the other?)

in a couple of hours , we had already seen – superficially though , but we did see them , more than what we could possibly handle. Their was The opera and Notredam , the Eiffel tower and the Hotel Ritz , The Louvre from a distance and the prison where the likes of Mary Antoinette were kept during the french revolution. The city really had a lot to offer and very slowly it was sinking in that we don’t really have all the time in the world – or did we? By the time it was the lunch hour and our lunch was pre-booked at the Seine river cruise as a buffet , over looking the Eiffel tower on a cold December after noon , we were making plans of which places to see during our exploration of the city the next day.

Wow! Now that’s what we call food for thought !



So much to see , so little time!

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