A few days back , my status message read – The most important things in life aren’t really things.

Travelling is one passion that some how remains in the most important things in life list for like many many years now. As i was telling some one the other day , by design or destiny i ve been a travelling person ever since i remember thinking about myself as a person at all!:)

Started off with this (http://chandnimoudgil.blogspot.com/) page more like a travelogue to document the amazing time i had when i visited a few of the most amazing places on earth .

My enthusiasm to write everything i could possibly remember from the trip , sort of faded out after a couple of posts . It started to read more like a minute by minute update on what i ate , what i saw .. kind of . perhaps in a scrap book like fashion with pictures pasted and long winding notes posted all over the place.

About an hour back , an old friend whose planning a trip post her wedding called up ( i totally detest the term – honey moon! yuck.. but then we ll talk abt that some other time) . After i relived the whole trip as i went on and on about how i jump with joy everytime i see venitian gandolas , think abt warm cup of hot chocolat , change the wallpaper on my desktop to some sqeaky clean nice pic / perky florence resto-bar pic ..or whatever.. I think i had completely sold her off to make the trip to all those places for sure.

so i think post this trip that i head off to today evening to nainital , i think its time to get back to the second best thing to travelling. Writing about it!


check the page by the way – the theme of the page is one thing that’s common between me and Ms Shobhaa De!! ( that got ya hooked right?:))

If only i could see the whole world , well i can still try ...

To places Far and beyond
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