How much really is too much? What’s the definition of “over doing ” some thing. One would ofcourse have a benchmark for things that can be put on a scale of one to ten – say MRPs of stuff on retail shelves / Quotients ranging from IQs to EQs , perhaps how much your colleague irritated you over coffee when he showed you every damn pic of the place he went to on his recent most trip (while you mentally yawned!)or worse told you how much he’s spending per month on what he buys/wants to buy/wants to go to for a trip etc etc.  You know these are things that can be quantified. But i would never understand what one means – over ho gaya ! ( its too much!)

So That was my first thought when i heard “The Girl on the radio” – GM , declare to the world – Do you feel , The media hype around the issue of homo’s is getting too much?

Okay let me clarify something here , am not too much of a ” I believe in everything they say on the TV/ in the papers ” person. I am not a supporter of media – rights and responsibility either. I do believe that they have a lot of power, and then more often than not like most things in life we get for free , its misused . But that doesnt take away the fact that thanks to the way information is now more easily available to all – packaged as sensational or entertaining or plain good old news sometimes .

So here’s what I feel . I dont feel , the hype has been too much. we ve just started to explore this territory in media and to already label it as getting too talked about makes us less open to the issue than we think we are.

I read the story about gay tourism on an uprise myself with a sense of amusement. Ofcourse i dont know how i would react if i come across a gay couple getting cozy at some place i go to , when i am holidaying. but then the idea that people are coming out in the open and living it up and there are people “helping them” do so , is quite heartwarming.

That said, i do feel the depiction of some of the angles to homosexuality by some papers was a little of a put down. i read some people saying how during the queer march some journos were encouraging gay couples to kiss for the sake of a good photo op . i found that as upsetting as i would find a good social cause being used for a commercial purpose . but then thats how world is . and the fact that some reporting werent in the right spirit and were only to get more sensationalism than views in the news , doesnt do away with the effort that a lot of people in media are making in the direction of the cause.

so we are back to the question. how much is too much. no , i think its just the tip of the ice berg. we should start reporting about people who ve so far been social outcasts . and do that in more ways than just write abt the section 377.

its important that we talk about how they are people just like us . their interests , passions , life in general. how they ve seen the ups and downs in life because of certain choices that they have made. coz we need to let our children ( who need to conditioned to accept this reality) and the parents ( who have been conditioned to not accept this reality ) read all those papers and see the news .

This am sure is more pressing than debating about sach ka samna . coz is nt this all about sach ka samna?

How much is too much?
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