Cleaned up my drafts folder for good. its fun reading those half finished posts. Was tempted to add on something to some. and i did that with “The Signs”  Some how didnt carry on thereafter coz they belong to a different time and a different mood.

that was then , this is now. we can revisit the past , but can we go back and change/modify it? wow! only if life was as simple as “Butterfly effect” he he!

so i decided , to sort of clean up the old stuff, being the ever persistent hoarder that i am. and thought of giving myself a makeover.

i like the old look a lot. it had this deep rooted mystery to it. like still waters , run deep kinda quality. or so i would like to believe.

Conversations , Then !
Conversations , Then !


but this new look is so so much more fresh and vibrant . almost celebratory , youngish in a “i dont have a care in the world” kinda way.


dont you think so?

My Brand New look!
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