There’s this girl on the radio and i think i’ve never had such a mixed set of feeling for a person i ‘ve never met , that i have for her.

firstly , she ‘s an RJ and safely a good one at that( Feeling broadly filed under – admiration) . Her one hour of banter about as per her “things that just dont matter” is one of the shows i try my best not to miss , so much so that i adjust my driving back to home hour as per its relay time ( category- sense of loyalty). she touches upon topics that we wouldnt really now a days chat over coffee with friends , even though they effect all of us and make more than our morning news-page 1 reading . Ironically , that’s something I would rather chat with my colleagues and friends and D every day instead of movie trivia and office gossip , considering our views match most of the time. perhaps coz both of us want to think on a more ‘to each his own’ line  ( Feeling – a sense of intellectual connection).

And then there are times i wish i could whack her on her head and sort of root her out of her comfy chair at the studio where she s perhaps sitting and telling the world what she thinks is right/wrong/worthy or not. (feeling – slight irritation bordering on jealousy) . simply put – i wish i had that freedom to go tell the world what i think abt polygamy , open marriages , treatment of women , media’s fascination with homo sexuality .. beep beep beep.

And i cant . I ve been craving for a hearty argument. about something relevant. Something that effects people in more ways than perhaps – the hike in petrol prices and the change in tax policy does.

A lot of times i have held myself back from calling up and telling her what i feel about what she’s taken up as the theme of the day . I end up having this talk with her in my head – even if its as juvenile as my views on ” do you feel you are getting paid enough?!” And i see her wording my thoughts soon enough and i think to myself , perhaps its not really required to do that at all.

so my dear GM , i think i have a better way. and what could be more suited to counter your freedom of expression than , having my own page and yakking at it .. ( feeling – a childlike achievement )

All said and done .. I wish you know how lucky you are to be able to do what you like the best ( i think ) and being good at that too ( yes, that am sure of).

The Girl on the Radio !
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