Started off writing this post long time back.. perhaps the approaching wedding date was giving me jitters ;-).

Saw Love Aaj Kal recently and am yet to see something that Bold that makes so much sense about relationships on screen. yes , there was this whole angle of ” i met the man of my dreams , and then i met his beautiful wife” to quote alanis in kabhi alvida na kehna . but i found that movie a little unrealistic as far as the rani – abhi track went . i honestly wouldnt leave a husband like abhi’s character for a million dollars and certainly not for a highly egoistic , lost and confused – shahrukh – kinda- guy ( in the movie!)

but this one. wow!

the whole change that we see in young couples now – the rise in divorce or separations , open marriages . they may have their own reasons. but i think young men and women , do have the guts now to face each other post wedding and say- i think we made a mistake. i think we arent right for each other. i think we should part ways.

i am not propagating parting ways as a solution to the worlds marital problems. but like many other trends that define the life in a metro – i found this quite ‘in your face’. isnt it as clear and defining in a person’s life – as perhaps coming out of a closet is?

so its not just the last fera and then the maang ka sindoor , that seals the fate of lovers married to different people than they would have rather preferred. filmi love goes beyond all boundaries – that of the ever of strong great wall of the big fat indian wedding too!!




Movies they say mirror the real life .

Well here are some that I ve been watching lately.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Anjali ( Kajol ) has her fiance waiting for pheras and she freezes when she sees her college time crush Rahul ( SRK) . They finally end up together , as was meant to be . And everything falls in place right at the altar when the bride walks out of what was planned by her into something that was planned by destiny.

Jaane Tu ..

She gets engaged with the seemingly ‘perfect guy’ . He’s seeing the pretty young girl he always thought he wanted to be with. Its all dreamy like a fairy tale. And then life happens. And they get together.


She’s getting married to the kanpuria businessman, he’s dreaming of catching the next plane to US of A.  Headed in different directions even before they cross paths , They end up together anyways.


Ps: and NO , D .. am not gonna leave you . umm.. or on second thoughts – just in case Shah rukh drops by at my door step , then perhaps . well we have to wait and watch right?

The Signs !!
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