Have you ever ….?

I think I ve been on a self proclaimed exile from people in general. Sure , they are so many of them around all the time – keen on living it up in public gaze , but some how more than , people – its thoughts that have always been more worthy of any investments as far as my time and energy is concerned.

perhaps , its all a sign of growing up .. like there was actually any scope of being any more ‘grown’ up than some one with an emotional age of 80!

but , some things i’ve been observing in people lately.  And been thinking about some things in pure fascniation of how they demonstrate simple facts like “how – people – work” almost magically . or  driving me nuts in pure irrationality of it all .

Have you ever attended the ladies Loo sessions ?

Have you ever been to a ladies loo and seen a group of girls plonked on the wash basin area discussing anything and everything under the sun. Who ever wondered where these crazy office rumours starts off , well take a sneak peek at one of these ‘guppa sessions’ and you ll know. everything that’s supposed to be ‘confidential’ goes ‘off the record’ in the safe confines of the ladies loo!

Have you ever walked in and out of a loo as you walk when you talk ? 

Worse , and now that am married i can safely comment about this being a habit with not just women but men as well . Obviously we are so so hardpressed for time and be it a chat with some one we ve been planning to catch up with for a while now , or generally a discussion about the latest meeting we hopped out of . Phone stuck to our ear , blabbering away to glory – we walk in and out of loos , using our time well as we relieve ourselves!EeW!

I am suprised how no one ever cuts off the chat in the middle of the narrative  of kareena’s latest getaway with saif – hey what was that flushing sound all about!!I sincerely hope , i dont have to accompany some one right into the loo . I can wait till you get out of it . However earth shattering the matter be! really !

Have you ever expressed yourself on Facebook?

And thank goodness for Face book. Now we can tell the whole world exactly what we think , eat , plan , do and  not do all the time. I think the most entertaining way to start your day now is to simple glance through the FB status messages of friends and friends of friends. yeah right.. I am that ‘workless’ but then who isnt?  There are people who would land from the plane and update the world , wade through the traffic and inform the whole tribe of net – friends , who would miss some one and let every one know , would be up till 3 AM and change their status message at wee hours of the morning to document the fact.  One of my friends is celebrating his birthday today . His friends surprised him at 12 in night with a cake. Sweet. His status at 3 AM in the night thanked all these spl people , plus his album was updated with their happy snaps capturing the general glee. ahh.. heart – warming indeed.

Have you ever hogged the entire changing room and felt quite ‘at home’ ?

This one ‘s absolutely my fav. Mummy , aunty , sis , chachi .. the whole tribe of generations and generations of females – with atleast half the clothes from XS to XXL , off the the hangers of the entire floor – taking the phrase ‘trial room’ to the next level. Have you ever been through this ever? Waited , As the mute spectator , waiting in line for one of the rooms to get free before you turn too old and too fat to wear the cocktail dress in your hand watching helplessly .  Or heard , as you struggled into the – oh -so – pretty top that should rather be on display than on you , how what’s too tight or too lose , or too long or too short or should rather be in sunshine yellow or tomato red . suggestions being exchanged all over the place , thrown from one changing room to another .

Have you ever seen any of this , or much better ? 😀

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