Tanhai Mein Fursat

There is a strange sense of quiet around me.

Used to wonder if its the proverbial silence before the storm. I practically killed a couple of months hanging around partly pissed off , partly pleased. fluctuating between a state of utter and complete boredom and that of enjoying the kind of worklessness  i ve never ever known before .

From feeling absolutely useless through the month , to feeling as lucky as a jackpot winner as i checked my salary account by the end of the month. From getting back to blogging the way i enjoy it to taking as many chuttis as i wish to for travel or festivals or just like thats . Planning a zillion things i think i want to do , and not really doing anything other than cooking like a pro for my dearest hubby feeling like the ever loving housewife by the evening.

The last few months of nothing-ness were packed with a lot of stuff i wouldnt have been able to manage if i was doing something , anything , everything i expect myself to do as a high flying executive.

I used to live each day like it was my last day of life in slow motion.  Waiting in a painful anticipation that Very soon I know the life in fast forward would start off.

Sometimes , Songs come to you when you are in a particular state of mind and they whirl around in your head till you break down each word to perfectly make sense of things around you.

Shayad isliye , Tanhai mein fursat di hai .

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