Came across a brand new love ballad on radio ( ahh.. my love for Atif crooning out of my car stereos (to me) just grows) .. and thats not just the only reason i ve been humming to myself.

It’s the thought of something new , thats just around the corner.

well.. like i was telling one my friends the only thing i do consistently is perhaps .. change my life!

for a long while i used to live under the impression that the changes ‘happen’ to me. And some how when i said that , in so many words, i realised. i think i like change and in some strange way , i yearn for it , crave for it and go around and make it happen myself.

I wouldnt want to believe that i get bored very easily and those around me would faint at the slightest mention of the idea that deep deep down , under the facade of a very sensible , seemingly level headed calm and colected person that i appear as – there is a very very restless spirit .

so here we go again. another change. another starting afresh. a brand new space to work and new set of people. one more chance to reinvent myself. almost like some one with a Multiple personality disorder ( ahhh.. thats harsh , but slightly true) i look forward to be this new person .

here’s to a new life!

To a new life!

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