The other day some one said , ” you dont need to take everything so personally” and i thought to myself. “well i am a person , so its all personal to me”

now that i think back with a calm mind. and contemplate. why do we react in a certain way to certain words.

i feel the intensity of our reaction is more or less reflective of how the words were said ( the tone) and more than that perhaps who said it ( the person).

so again. since we are all people. with moods and emotions and other such complex stuff. why are we then accused of taking things personally.

why would you say it , unless you really meant it.

why would you say it to me , unless you really wanted me to understand and soak it in.

then why my reation to it , is termed ‘taking it personally’ like its a bad thing to do?

personally speaking

One thought on “personally speaking

  • December 21, 2009 at 10:20 am

    Perhaps it is because the person who said the stuff to you gets defensive.
    It is more like “I said it to her, meant it for her, but would rather not come across as a person with a mean streak, so let me just make it clear that it wasn’t personal, now she comes across as defensive instead”
    I always take any comments personally and to hell with anyone who thinks they can get away with saying stuff and then backing out by making it seem “impersonal”


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