Ever wondered why one would say that ? its not like the cake remains the same year on year? each birthday does get the idea of a whole new cake along with it. doesnt it?

I think , new years eve and birthdays have this strange melancholic – drifting into nostalgia thing about them by default.

strange though i never realised that when i was 15. perhaps , its got some thing to do with age . maybe the intensity is proportional to the number of the proverbial candles one’s adding to the hypothetical cake we all are raving about!

Read about how women look their best in their thirties ( thank goodness for random researchers) , and that was quite mood uplifting ( and i would completely ignore any possibility of the sample set for such a research being the likes of JLo , Jen ‘Rachael’ Aniston , Catherine Zeta Jones.. ahem ahem)

And when one’s happy , or well, thinks one is happy .. ones entitled to certain amount of whimsical free spirited banter ..

Another candle on the cake?

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