I ve heard some one say , things happen to you for a reason. well , it isn’t the way it sounds – with a whole profound , preachy air to it. It’s actually quite a simple thought and it runs through my mind .. almost every other day. so to put it in a way that I think I meant it and the way ‘it should sound’ – books , movies , people , songs , places happen to you through some strange inexplicable logic. see.. much better right?

It’s amazing how if i play this simple formula to explain most of the things that happen to me that change the course of my life in a big or small or any which way .. it just so beautifully fits!

so there are days , when i feel like writing it down. and there are days when i just talk in out inside my head.

days when i watch a movie and try see more than what meets the eye and days when i cant sit through one , how ever acclaimed in whatever sense it may be,

so on and so forth. i guess.

and the long and short for it is that maybe there was a reason i started off with this partially censored , semi autobiographical piece of random thoughts called – my blog. and there is perhaps i reason why i am back to this address after this long hiatus.

Now that the blabbering stops… here. perhaps , the conversation would begin again .. and go on for a little while longer ..

ahh.. who ever said therapy could be expensive – is yet to discover the art of writing!

Reasoning it out…

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