If it wasnt for day dreaming , some of us would just never leave the dark little corners of our dingy offices.
on that bright not , on this dull thursday morning , after spending a large portion of my last 2 working days at work brwosing travel tips to the historic athens , or the mystic turkey.. am back to the one place where i can day dream and re-live those dream like real moments that i ve spent at some of the prettiest places on earth.

The last 2 yrs , and well a lot of yrs before that – but lets just stick to the last 2 yrs coz they are more ‘special’ in a lot of ways- have taken me to the most scenic sights , the most awesome food , the most memorable trips to more than 10 of my must – visit- – before – you -die places on this planet. Paris , Rome , Venice , Florence , Pisa , Nice , Monaco – Monte carlo & Dubai on the foreign shores and Udaipur , Nainital , Shimla & Dalhousie , closer home.

This page started off with very clear intentions , notes to myself that turn colourful memories into everlasting with words that could be re-read. But , somehow the laziness got the better of me. or perhaps an uninspired state of mind. whatever , it was . its a thing of the past. atleast for now. 🙂

and its time i get back to work.

Day Dreaming!

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