When you lose , never lose the lesson!

Yup to begin  on that profound  , to the point of depressive note isnt a suggested thing to do .. but when one’s suggesting what to ‘not do’ when you are planning a job change .. one does get a little philosophically -introspective.

Sometimes , the simplest of questions – What to look for , when you are at the verge of a job change.. have more complicated replies than ‘ the salary package’!!

9. The Basics  – Cafeteria ?Coffee Machine? Weekly/Monthly – Birthday Parties? any parties? yes or no questions . need to have all affirmative answers.Very Very important.

8. The office temperature – and am not just referring to the Air conditioning! well yes , that’s imp too , but more importantly, how revved up , high-spirited , buzz in the air – kind of place it is. Hot or cold?

7. Parking- For those poor souls , who need to wade through the morning and evening traffic- this one can be the clincher. obviously once you ve worked out the match involved in the decision of change being a function of the distance one would need to travel from home and for work.that done ,  if you are worried about the parking guy going for a joy ride while you are at work .. or maybe helping himself with most of your fuel while you battle the petrol price hike AND with ALL that need to shell out big bucks for the ‘premium’ parking too .. then .. ahem ahem.. the hike in all imp P (‘pay’) doesnt matter .. right?

5. (un)Flexi – timings – One might boast of a splendid track record when it comes to ‘in’ time . There is always this one day once in a while , when one needs to step out before the dreaded 6 o’clock strikes. So check from whoever you can – if working till 2 in the night entitles you an hour extra in the morning without suffering a pay cut , or moving out early sometimes has got nothing to do with a formal ‘leave filing process’ – in short is your office clock in time etched in stone.

4. People- The second most important P of your career related decision influencers (first ofcourse and by a huge margin is PAY). Walk in to an office and simply look around . Soak in the faces , the conversations . walk into the elevator and make 5 rounds up and down (Tip : get off on various floors and get in so that the security guy doesnt wonder what you are up to ) If the terms that spring your mind are any or all of these – Dull/Rude/Drab/Bored looking /Boring. Stay away. If the ‘catch the expressions’ rule is hard to crack for you  – simply observe the actions – Are they all glued into their seats staring at their lappys like they are hypnotised , refuse any eye contact with each other and a stranger lurking around , if there is a quiet that would beat a 2 AM scenario at most civilised homes on any given night . What should you do ? right.. stay away!

3. The Rules . To get up and sit down. To come in and move out. To work and to not work . To speak , breathe , eat . If there is a rule , and the rule books are what you stay away from . Then.. its as simple as A B C..

2. Show me the money. self explanatory. 😀

1. The Big B. The good ones and bad ones , the rude ones and the meddlesome ones . The over-bearing and the dictator kinds . The ones who’ll invite you to their kids 1st bday party & the one’s who wouldnt care if its your own bday today. We have all had our share of each and every one. The only thing that stays a constant at any given workplace – is how unperdictable the ‘next Big B ‘ is gonna be. Its said , one can choose one’s spouse , but one can never choose ones boss. But one can always make an informed decision . so go ahead – take a survey , hire a detective , get it in your contract , spend a day in invisible mode in the office before you join in. do what ever you can but yes … get to know which one are you gonna face up next .

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