Somethings never change (and thank god for that !) , got an emailer for the latest MID Day anniversary issue , that landed in my spam. And what a blessing it was.
Rarely lately , lines as simple as that , make thoughts run wild in my head. With a yesterday-and-today pic of the most talked about sportsman ( strangely for the RIGHT reasons , than otherwise) – Sachin (who else) flashing … one doesnt need to say a lot to drive the point home.

I am sure the edition is going to be quite a steal , but till i get my hand on that , I thought of compiling my own list of ‘classics’

Being a true blue romantic movie buff , Needless to say on the top of my list remains, the combined magic of Lata & Yash Chopra. Be it the intense-longing-is-the-destiny-of-true-love tone of ‘Silsiley’ or ‘Veer Zaara’. If some one can tell a love story , with all its mush and colour and gloss and song and dance and drama , then its got to be Chopra uncle!

Now saying , a well fitted torn jeans would be more like a necessity than a classic & i am not too much of a party person so i wouldnt really swear by the little black dress in the classical must – have stuff for one’s wardrobe sense but .. a regal black kurta / sari is definitely classic and remains so .

Amongst the very many brands , who ve now almost become fixtures in our lives and been documented as the smartest brands in the history of marketing , most are international . and if there’s one brand thats become synonymous with its entire category then its got to be Titan. Now whats so classic about that you may ask.. and If i say the titan jingle .. do i need to elaborate?

From a completely type-as-i-think post to a never-ending list , looks like this one would need a couple of revisits and random oddities of life fill up my thoughts than delving in the bliss of meaningless banter..

Timeless Classics

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