A lot of us have dreams and aspirations. But for most of us , they remain more of an indulgence as we eventually in our struggle with the mundane complexities of life give up or postpone them to the distant future.
I am no exception either. I have had a dream of seeing every possible beautiful sight that the world has to offer . Hear every possible tale of romance and adventure that some one has to tell and write about it. Start something on my own . Something that breaks my constant attempt of fitting the waking life into small timebound capsules.
The idea of the world trip or the book or even finding my own calling has always been overtaken by my lethargy to carry on the more convenient , predictable ways of life.
Almost like a sign , I ve seen three real life heroes , who’ve gone ahead and broken the moulds and set out free .
A couple of years back when some one I know headed to France for a PhD , I was stung with envy. Her FB updates as a narrative of her life’s adventures backed by vibrant photographic evidences of her @ all the places i ve dreamt about , pinch me and poke me in the strangest of ways which i ve learnt to ignore now.
More recently , another acquaintance went on from a corporate seemingly ideal job for some one with our education and experience and started off with an initiative JourneyMyWay (check it our here) that fuses three of passions – Food , Travel and Writing . My congratulations to her was heartfelt , and i am one of the most regular visitors to her blog The Thought Express ( find it here)

But the one story of ‘finding one’s calling’ that tugged my heart and made me sit back and take stock of how I’ve spent the last 3 decades and what would I rather do for the next couple of more to come was of Tithiya and her dream ‘The 100 heroes project’

Tithya Sharma has taken up the 100heroesproject and she’ll be spending an yr backpacking across the world to meet 100 people with inspiring stories and write them in HT & on her blog www.100heroesproject.com . Eventually she plans to write a book.

Stumbled upon her story here

I think its an amazing tale of courage and the most awesome example of ‘ living up one’s dream’!

Am sure I ve found my hero in her.

Living a dream!
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