Movies are the next best thing to dreaming. Nope, that’s not a famous quote by some one consequential. Well, it could turn out to be one soon enough when my charm reaches its much deserved peak of fame.
Till then, I guess we’ll just live with quoting these words of acquired wisdom in the trusted anonymity of conversations on these pages.
And speaking of more ‘wisdom under the pretext of an indulgent one-sided monologue’, however bad the latest spate of blockbusters must be doing at the box office, One never needs to pay up huge monies for one’s taste of fantasy. Simply cozy up with cushions, dim the lights a bit, get yourself a warm cup of coffee with something to nibble and catch one of these movies to spend the most amazing weekend, home alone!


This is one Priceless movie watching experience!

Aptly  named, this gem is a French film and whoever said French movies are all about deep reflection and layered meaning, too tedious and too dry, well watch this!
Irene meets Jean; they fall in love and live happily ever after. Not quite, I must say. The pretty lady in question is actually a manipulative escort, who lives off at the expense of rich older men and uses mercilessly the poor head over heels in love bartender to get what she wants. Only of course to eventually realize, that what she wants is to be loved and that’s when they drive off into the horizon on a scooterette! Shot at exotic locale (which refreshed memories of Monaco and Monte Carlo) this movie is as delightful as a French puff pastry – a truly priceless 2 hours of heartfelt smiles and sighs!
Watch the effervescent Audrey Tautou, trample over hearts and teach the tricks of the trade to the shy Gad Elmaleh only to run to him when she’s just about to lose it all & catch the most amazing on screen adventure of a kiss (I am told won the best kiss award that year at a lot of international fests – catch it here).
Tip of the day: A regular on World Movies!

Before Sunrise( 1995)

Soulmates for a night – Before Sunrise

One of those very rare movies , which keep you wondering what happened after the titles began to roll? Jesse and Celine meet up on the Euro-rail. He is an american tourist dealing with a recent heart-break travelling to Vienna on his last day in Europe , and is flying out the next morning. She is a young student , on her way to Paris where she studies. They hit it off and on an impulse he persuades her to get off at Vienna for a night that turns out to be the most romantic journey of their lives. They talk and explore the city and connect in a way that they never did with any one before . Fighting the urge to not commit to a long distance relationship that both of them feel would kill what they shared and an attraction that they just cant deny , they eventually part ways with a promise to meet exactly 6 months from the day they met , this time at Paris.
Watch this and you’ll know what it means when you ‘really connect’ with a person. You talk without inhibitions , share ideas and dreams and open up in the most endearing ways. No mush , no melodrama , pure conversations – This is definitely my idea of romance.
Tip : Watch Before Sunset (2005) that was made exactly 9 yrs after the first movie that captures their meeting again. nope , they don’t meet after 6 months(aww…) but they do meet .. after 9 yrs. Heart wrenching , isn’t it? Catch my favourite scene when they have a ‘fake phone conversation with friends’ here


When you have everything , what really are you looking for?

Who says classics are boring? You can take an Emma and spin it on its head and here you have the most contemporary adaptation placed right here in your high school. Cher , is rich , pretty and popular. There’s nothing really she can’t talk herself out of . Other than staying at the top of the social ‘high-school’ who’s who list , her immediate worries in life are playing matchmaker , indulging in the retail therapy and rescuing the down-trodden in terms of trends!
Josh , her step brother calls her selfish & superficial. She tries to prove otherwise by evangelising the social life of Tai , the new kid on the block in a purely unselfish act. But soon all hell breaks loose , she flunks her driving test , is losing out on popularity charts to her latest ‘project’ and is confused about her feeling for her Mr Right , Josh! All ends well , when she gains back her popularity , friends and love and giving us the cutest poor little rich girl of the screen ever. Lots of fizz and attitude , this movie’s like soda pop – lifts up your spirit and leaves a sweet after taste. Watch it for Alicia Silverstone , and you ‘ll know where the movie gets its sparkle from.

Amelie (2001)

Meet your neighbourhood Robin Hood – Amelie !











If you feel romantic movies are sweet, this one’s a French Patisserie.

Amelie’s been a lonely girl since childhood and as a young woman she’s shy and introvert. After a sudden realisation one fine day that she’s perhaps wasting her life , she takes upon herself the task of bringing joy and happiness to everyone around her. As she goes about on her secret mission of fulfilling dreams of her father , neighbours , co-workers at the cafe where she works and this lonesome stranger she comes across – she makes the biggest mistake which blows off her cover- She falls in love. Watch this fairytale that give every spy movie a run for its money as you watch the impossibly pretty Audrey Tautou plan the most amazing set ups playing match maker ,wish fulfilled and revenge seeker for all those around her. As reality meets fantasy , you can’t help thinking to your self , if only we could come across some one like her . Sigh!


Vicky Cristina Barcelona(2008)

Alright , this one’s quite a twisted affair. But what makes this movie , so damn neat is its non adherence to norms. Vicky and Cristina are as different as chalk and cheese. Vicky is practical and traditionalist , knows what she wants and has planned her entire life around . Christina , on the other hand is free-spirited and bohemian , and perhaps knows what she doesn’t want , and is okay with trying to finding the answer to this question all her life.
On their trip to Barcelona , they chance upon Juan a painter with quite an eccentric view of love. What starts off as a casual meeting becomes a complex tale of unfulfilled love & deep passion that both of them share with not only Juan but also his ex-wife Maria Elena with whom he has an off and on relationship. At the end of it all , both the women , end up where they started . Each more assured than ever of their belief in life – their view of love and the way they wish to live.
Tip : Watch this one , for the most amazing views of Barcelona , rediscover the beauty of the spanish language and a fresh take on love , if you’ve ever been confused , this one makes you feel – it’s all right!

Do you have a favorite movie you can watch over and over again? Tell me about it!

5 sparkling movies to lighten up any dull weekend!
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  • July 6, 2010 at 10:25 am

    nice post!
    before sunrise and before sunset are two them totally. I wonder how they would have shot the scenes without breaking continuity! Amazing. Have seen vicky christina in parts, didnt get it much though..may be a complete sitting is needed. Will catch up on others.:)


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