A huge 67 slide presentation on ‘What Youth Think’ was floating around at work today.
Its unbelievable how marketing companies are spending zillions on ‘understanding young people’ and getting information like ‘Twitter Mania is the new buzz in self expression ‘ and ‘Reality TV is tapping into unstated needs of youth today’ in the name of newly acquired wisdom.

I really feel , we can throw away all these research docs out of the window and get more insights out of observation of a 16 yr old at a shopping mall , at home and in a classroom environment.

Infact , if we simply read into daily news , we ll find some of the most path breaking , turn of the century trends hidden out there in some of the most mundane articles.

5 trends that I picked up from our morning news paper and am looking forward to becoming a socio-cultural phenomenon soon enough

1. Custom made matrimony
From ‘seeking fair , homely and beautiful girl’ to niche match making , matrimonial alliances have come a long way.
You could throw away those typical ‘abbreviated to save some bucks’ profiles that you checked out in your sunday paper. There are profile consultants who would tailor make audio – visual profiles to you to ‘present you and your family’ in the best way possible to prospective partners. Not going the arranged way ? Found the love of your life but seem to be struggling with the ‘Will you marry me?” then customised proposal designers to come to your aid to make sure you hit jackpot in the most memorable (melodramatic way) with ‘the perfect proposal;Marriages have come a long way from being only ‘made in heaven’ , welcome to an era of ‘Marriages custom made on earth’.

2. Rent anything!
Who ever said money cant buy you happiness , had nt seen this coming. In a world where we can rent everything around us , even friends are for sale! If you think you need to find an interesting companion to hangout at games , or take along for a movie or play scrabble with on a lazy sunday after noon and none of your friends are too keen to spend that kind of time with you, all you need to do is Rent a Friend! Pathbreaking isnt it?

Trend Spotting!
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One thought on “Trend Spotting!

  • July 19, 2010 at 11:42 am

    Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this by myself.


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