Memories in Mortar – Fascinating Monuments Series

A couple of days back, on a storytelling spree with D over a walk, I was reminded of this fascinating story that I had come across on my visits to Lucknow. It got me the one response we storytellers yearn to get at the end of the story – “oh ! you cant be serious ! Really, is that true!” . It had the makings of the perfect drama – money, power, intrigue, royalty, religion – all embroiled into the shape of a monument.

But then isn’t that the reason monuments are built? A stamp on the face of time by a ruler who sought his moment of glory in history.

I’ve been to a couple of ‘monuments’, some who’ve found their way into the must-visit- sections of tourist itineraries and some others which are now forgotten. And I’ve realized every time I wandered gaping at their otherworldly splendor or pondering over their lonesome demeanor, how they seemed like memories captured in mortar craving to tell their story. So I took a minute off and lent them an ear. And thus began this series of notes on the enchanting storytelling of the most fascinating monuments of our times. Lukhnow , Mcloedganj, Delhi , Udaipur – catch an eclectic mix of snapshots of an era in subsequent posts. Lucknow’s Bara Imambara , is where it all began.. and that’s up next!

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