It’s strange how if you see close enough you’ll see most things in life absolutely entwined like a pre-written screen play. Was trying to act like a passive sounding board to a very confused friend who’s not able to make up her mind when it comes to taking a holiday post her marriage (Post Marriage Trip is what we upwardly mobile girls call it!). As she was listing, more for herself, than for me – the pros and cons of a planning a romantic European getaway vis-à-vis a far eastern sinfully luxurious one , I couldn’t help comparing mental notes with how I would plan a holiday.

The one thing I always put right at the top as the premise, before any conclusions are drawn – it’s good to plan, but tragic to over plan. Information on where to go , how to reach , what to do – is abundant , but then there’s a thin line that sometimes is crossed leaving us with a huge list of expectations and killing the surprise along the way.

Around the same time, I came across a contest on chillibreeze inviting entries for the best travel destination list. For a travel – writing maniac like me, that’s the sweetest torture. To dream some more about those places seen, those moments lived, those pictures captured and those stories learnt. And limit the list of just 10!
And thus began the task of elimination. Putting together a must-visit travel list is like setting up the menu of a dinner, you need something that suits your palette, something that goes well with the mood, something that promises the perfect start and something that leaves a great after-taste too. Be it spicy heady or fizzy – it’s got to be easy on the eyes and yes, memorable.

So here’s my idea of a grand feast for senses, go ahead indulge.

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Sometimes the best things in life arent .. things..!

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