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Happiness is..


Yes, undoubtedly … there’s nothing more fulfilling than doing something and getting rewarded for it. We can all kid ourselves with the idea that its only the pleasure of ‘doing what we like’ that really matters. but nope. The bottom line is winning!!

Clearly , Winning also has its side effects. Like dementia for starters. And that’s why I feel a little crazy with joy right now. Coz between yesterday and today I got not one but TWO WINS,

one , fuelled by obsession with starting something of my own – my entry for an internal business idea contest made to the final shortlist. If I make it further , who know I might strike gold and get motivated to actually realise my dream of being my own boss. more soon,when the time is right.

and second, on my way to ‘writing my own book’ , just when I thought I should write some more to develop as ‘ a writer ‘some one might actually pay to read’ , I sent in my entry for Chillibreeze Travel Writing Contest . Apart from some very kind comments , I also WON.

Check out the happy news here on this link.

Watch out for my very first interview of the site very soon..can I sound more delirious?



Update : The Interview is right here .. Check this link and express yourself!

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