Nope, hopefully its not one those fad diets that I plan to take up only to eventually drift off out of sheer boredom. Or so I think. I’ve realized over that past few months (well actually years, but then I wouldn’t really admit that to myself quite yet) that I am transforming into the ‘un-happiest’ version of myself. And that’s beyond the sulking over traffic jams or my constant struggle to get rid of some x kgs that I really need to! Come to think of it, the last time I wrote (which makes me happy) about being happy – was when I won this contest on chillibreeze! Now that’s umm, not a happy thought, I’d say.

My constant effort to try new stuff , change things around me and taking huge chances while I do that ( which more often than not backfire ) are all after all to seek true happiness . And isn’t that what drives every one – who’s married or single, working or backpacking, taking a holiday or shopping their bank-balance to nill?

So over this weekend, as I was trying to figure the ‘ways in which I could be happier’ I realized – those answers were quite easy to figure out. But the larger question is would getting a new hair cut , or a some new clothes or even going away for a weekend to some place exotic or serene – make me happy in the real sense of the word?

So that’s the larger question. And that would need some time to answer! So I set myself on a journey of finding true happiness – in 100 days.

Now it might sound gimmicky, this chosen number – and well there was no logic really that was applied to zero in on it too. There’s this 100 heroes project girl – I so admire and yes, I came across this other person who’s taking a 100 day crash course towards becoming an editor. But all it takes some times is pure maths to discover some ‘strange connections’ in the most bizarre situations in life.

100 days from today would begin yet another new year. Just in time – I would say. So what’s in store? Am I going to start writing more often? Yes , I will. And am I going to finally triumph over the larger issues in life ( like move away from the radar of someone’s misguided ire, don’t know / can’t say or finally win over the constant battle with the bulge – or perhaps learn to live with it! Maybe) and would there be like a structure or format to it? A daily happiness-quotient say? hmm.Lots of questions to answer. But only one thought as I start this journey- this one’s going to be an honest attempt.

So let’s get down to work. 100 days to true happiness!

100 days to finding true happiness !
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