…..Far from it infact. The forces of nature were literally coming together to test my will from the start of the day . And I thought they’ll probably save those tactics for later. Nope , they werent wasting their time. So I woke upto not 1 but TWO flat tyres , got stuck in a massive jam to land quite late in office – in the middle of the Monday Mayhem!

But then , like the proverbial silver lining in the dark murky clouds that were hovering over my professional life – Got to make my first pitch ( for my idea that made it to an internal shortlist ) and I couldnt contain my enthusiasm! It was shortlived though. Coz all it took was 5 minutes of head nodding and my two hours of chasing ( yes! for this too .. hmm .. but I am not complaining.. as yet) .

Anyway .. so that was the happy story of the day .. other than ofcourse the special invite ( I wish I could write that in Big Bold letters) to Harry Potter screening for wednesday . Now the chance to walk the red carpet.. alrite alrite am exaggerating ..  certainly adds up to a good day 1.

So am I doing well?

And I thought Day 1 would be a breeze : 100 Days …
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