Nope , I am not going to give in as yet. The 100 day project is far from being abandoned. The will and determination are as strong as ever . If only I could get the time and the resources. Never realised a crashed laptop could affect your life so much when it comes to making a plan and sticking to it!

So , post a dilli – darshan , a junk – food binge , catching the special screening of the latest Harry Potter flick , finalising a trip to the city that always brings a smile to my face – Jaipur & getting over with my second round of pitching to the idea shortlisting panel – Day 2 ,3 & 4 – can be safely designated as – Happy Days!

But lets not get school-girlish about the whole deal by writing a day by day account of it . Infact , there have been so many things I ve been wishing to blog about. Sometimes I don’t feel the need – or infact it is too late and i lose my grip over these thoughts running in my head – coz I can’t get my hands on a laptop to draft a post.But the other day I got into this huge-ish debate on ‘The reality of reality TV ‘ .

I am not fan of Big Boss and trash like that on prime time entertainment channels . They do have their audience – and I practically live with avid watchers of such stuff myself. All I wonder is , where do we draw the line? or is there a line at all that remains when it comes to social behaviour?

I have always maintained that every one should have a right to choose , and it truly applies to the kind of media we soak in. But having said that – even if i have the intelligence to choose what i want to watch and what i don’t . There could be a lot of others , who perhaps consume media with the understanding that it in a queer way reflects the real world. But then do the rules apply here too? I am not quite sure. So when a certain lady , who throws around abuses and bull-dozes into conversations in the most abhorring manner – actually generates mass interest – I feel cheated. I may not like it , so I may not watch it . But does everyone who sits in front on the idiot box during the family dinner time – understand it , apply it ? Sometimes its better to cripple someone’s right to choose ‘right now’, when it could mean a better ‘later’.
At the cost of sounding an old relic , am all game for censorship of prime time television. I do believe there are a lot of parents who arent responsible enough to decide what their children should watch and what they shouldnt. There also are a lot of responsible adults who watch what they watch and interpret ‘every social behaviour’ being played on their screen as acceptable.

Wait till you see the way people at our colony have started to fight for parking space in the middle of the night. The suppressed anger that generations after generations has been quite there but never let out , is today finding renewed vigour and every possible channel.

So , its high time there are some people who review the content on the popular media and help people apply ‘parental control’ . Censorship isnt a word that goes down well with a lot of liberal minds , but isnt controlled environment a basis of a more civil set up?

Seriously , driving on the road without random strangers showing me the finger – just coz I over took them , would make me quite happy!


Trip-planning , Over-working & City-hopping – Day 2 , 3 & 4
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