If there are days that are more chaotic than Mondays, then they’ve got to be Fridays. General mayhem , every possible crisis , the most impossible deadlines and yet the world still seems to be crashing around you – while you are fire-fighting at 9 PM in office. Only , so that your weekend is spent at peace.

But on some days like today , in a strange way life gives you a little breather and your phone konks off in the middle of the day , while your charger is still where you kept it day before – right next to your bed-side!

And then , you realise as you sip on ginger tea and chat/mail with people – who would otherwise be making frantic calls to you all day through to check , or double-check or confirm or whatever other reasons that they may have. Fridays aren’t too bad , when you needn’t carry your phone around everywhere , all day.

Some one just asked me which phone I would recommend to any one . And as some one whose used Motorola , Blackberry , Samsung and also experimented with HTC – I would say – don’t get a phone at all. send postcards instead?

What a wonderful world it is , without the cacophony of constant calls!


Day 5 , 100 Days : Lose your phone & get some peace!
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One thought on “Day 5 , 100 Days : Lose your phone & get some peace!

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