On my way back from an office meeting just when I was looking outside my car window wondering about the irony called life , it pops up yet another question though much easier to answer. What part of life confuses you the most? A little girl begging on the streets urging me to help her get something to eat just when I ve stepped away from a multi course meal at this hi flying dinner without as much as eating a morsel. The unfairness of it all. When millions try to catch a wink so that they can dream up a better life and yet some more go through sleepless nights wondering if their dreams now fulfilled is what they wanted . The uncertainty of it all.
If I could only see tommorrow I would be so much happier right now with what I have. Coz today is mine and tomm is this distant dream that I am running after that never is quite how it seems.
A mirage that you keep chasing ,life ,s unpredictability is what confuses me the most

life or something like that
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