Of myths broken and perceptions changed.

Till yesterday I used to be quite convinced that a traffic signal could symbolise the most obnoxious form of confinement – that forces complete strangers to come together without a sense of purpose or direction .
They neednt be headed in the same direction or coming from the same one. A prison or hospital per se.
Their destinations maybe different and so would be their mediums , quite unlike say an elevator or an aeroplane.
Yet they are all bound by the law of the state to freeze in a moment of time , awkward or indifferent and restless to move away at the slightest nudge.
And today I experienced the all encompassing , the ever popular _ the delhi metro. Not for a joy ride , that I have taken in the past and to be honest enjoyed thanks to the ladies coach.. Nor to simply ‘experience’ with a misplaced sense of adventure something new.
The purpose was to find an alternative to driving during peak hours . And I was surprised to say the least.

With all the autos and ricks and walking I had to do to beat the last minute connectivity. Neither did it turn out to be less expensive nor quicker. Plus one would now understand why women are at the helm of all jokes when it comes to bickering and gossiping and general mayhem.
So driving to work is the way things would be hence forth and metro remains only for fun rides. Atleast I have my music and my thoughts for company even when I am inthe middle of the ‘confinement’ that I spoke about.
I did get to write a post while travelling today though without a worry in the world about traffic lights or overtaking and mindless jams and street squables. A learning for all the un-learning that I got to do for the day.

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