Doing the new!

I am heading out to mumbai and this would be my first pass through the phenomenal T 3 terminal that every one has been raving about. The little red light on my BB glows at 5 AM and I can’t wait to open up those messages and see what’s new. But the sleepy city is rushing past me and I can’t tear my eyes off the glitterring street lights and the early risers who are raising their shop shutters already.
Clearly this addiction or a compulsive disorder that some may call it is beyond those who don’t own this fabulous device , aren’t the ‘ blackberry boys’ so to speak.
Like yesterday , sometime in the evening , Mr husband was struggling to figure out his new blackberry. After trying out a couple of things he finally shoved it aside declaring it quite useless .
Looks like its the season of the ‘new’. Coz Just about then kat richter’s new post drops in . I read about her latest adventures about dating and writing and generally living it up.
Two ends of a spectrum. Very extreme. Very different. For some ‘something new ‘ presents an exciting prospect of discovery and for some ‘an unwelcome change’ . Somewhere between these two far ends is a place where I’d like to be every day. If only we could have right now and see what the future holds , the idea of something new would be a tad more reassuring. Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone

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