Power dressing is the theme of the day. Was going to opt for a more ethnic attire perhaps but as a common dress code we girls are gonna wear white shirt with black trousers . And so it is, but apart from looking like a steward and feeling more masculine than feminine . Beats the purpose of a womens day , isn’t it?

I guess I feel more feminine when I am in a sari, it makes you feel elegant and pretty and charming and graceful. Everything we gods special creations are supposed to be. But more than just choice of clothes its perhaps what makes me feel more like a woman is that I drive my own car ( even though I may crib about the traffic and world may question our skills on the road , but hey , me got my car , me gonna drive it) . Or maybe I take mr husband to an elaborately planned trip/ date ( men love to get pampered and fussed over , take it from me) . Reading poetry and getting it. Or watching a movie and then discuss it from every aspect like we’ve known those people on screen for more than a few hours. Or pick my own bags , chase a deadline ruthlessly and plan a dinner at home to the last detail. Shopping may make me feel good but what makes me feel like a woman is looking at the men around and knowing I can do all that they can and yet some more . If not better maybe as well. If not as well but definitely with all my heart. I can smile and hum and hug and laugh out loud and throw a tantrum yet be considered completely normal. Sometimes its pretty damn awesome being us , women 🙂

So here’s a very happy women’s day to all us women out there , who can fight their own battles and walk away with nothing but just a smile ! Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone

Celebrating us !
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