Discovering a treasure called Orchha

One month down the line from this trip and the travelogue still remains tucked away in the draft folder ! what a shame. perhaps it was the postaweek prompt or the urge to relive the holiday .. am back here trying to finish this one. It’ll take a little while .. but well begun is almost done in my case!

Some of us feel the need to take a trip to escape from the daily hassles of life and some to explore what’s out there that we have been missing knowing about. A little about former but essentially about latter , travel for me has always meant a journey towards discovery.
A lesson in history well learnt , a legend that still lives on , a purpose that binds an entite community and its generations together and a belief that refuses to be taken over by our modern sensibilities .I was looking for a weekend getaway for my birthday and I came back with more than a bargain.

This trip was planned almost a year back in thought if not detail at least. The husband and I were drawing up a list for the perfect weekend get away sometime around july and we came across this fantastic travelogue on the thought express at a blog that I regularly follow .
A place that we had never heard of held a mystical charm and the descriptor “land of kings” made the prospect too tempting to resist. But like few things are meant to be , it all fell in place in feb this year and I turned a year older at orchcha.

Barely 20kms from jhaansi ( an overnight journey away from delhi) this small little town was once the capital of bundelkhand. Infact the entire city is built around what was once a lavish kingdom.
On the bank of river Betwa , spread across just a couple of kms , the kingdom was passed on as a legacy from one generation to another.

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