Make every moment count for yourself

Okay so everyone’s been talking about the Earth hour more than ever. And I agree a lot of us would ‘celebrate’ or ‘participate’ in our own small way and “resolve to make a difference”. But then what next!
Call me a cynic but I ve never believed these social movements change mind sets and habits. They only bring the exhibitors out on the road. For a day or an hour in this case and before we know it the hue and cry is a thing of the past like yesterdays headline or mornings tussle on the road.

Nope am not an anti social person . At least not in the conventional sense of the word . But I don’t think am going to be a part of this bring a change revolution – not this year and maybe never.

For all those enthusiasts who’ve been sending out emailers and putting up notices and changing their status messages and profile pics to “spread the word” , more power to you. I seriously hope and wish and pray – you achieve what you’ve set out to achieve – an hour of lights out , a positive step to curb global warming and attitude shift to be more environment conscious.

But again , call me a cynic , how many of us would do so to be a part of the larger picture ? A greater cause?

I would turn off my car engine every single instance I ve got to halt at a red light for more than 20 seconds . I would fight my heart out with the ice cream vendor who feels keeping a trash bag isn’t his responsibility if he sells ice cream. I would not consider the entire world a huge pile of garbage and toss away whatever I am done with out of the car window . I would glare at someone hard enough if I find him spitting publicly and other such small little things that I feel make a difference to the space around me . Keep it cleaner , greener . Liveable? Every single day. Every possible time I can.

These are not a part of an agenda or charter. I do this coz I believe in it. Truly. I wouldn’t try to reason out with the world or preach beyond a point if you don’t want to do any of the above or more or less or something else in your own little way. But I would certainly hope when you turn off the lights at 8 : 30 today . You do that with all your heart and soul.

The fashion fads can see such ideas through for a day. But its only people and their belief that can make things truly change for better not for the world. For themselves.

Go ahead celebrate whatever you believe it. Every minute counts.

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