The Curse

Like a predator from the dark alleys of doubts
It over shadows my moments of self worthiness

For joy is nothing but a momentary lapse of good sense
And it fades away with the curse of unhappiness

There always remained an old city buried beneath this urban landscape
You could live up the dream for a day but its reality you can’t escape

Dreams end and life begins , before you know you are on the other side
Whatever goes up comes down , are the rules of this joyride

The quest for the enigma called contentment is a fable we’ve all heard and told
The happiness is a companion only till the next turn on this road

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3 thoughts on “The Curse

    1. Hey Eternity ! Thanks for the kind words 🙂 I ll wander and stop by your space too! About BB apps , yes I did download wordpress for BB but never got the hang of it. I ve simply enabled the option of posting through e mails so all it takes is a mail from my BB to post on the go.

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