One always makes a list of things one wishes to do in their lifetime
But at 7:15 am heading to work for a yet another grueling , exhausting , mind numbing day when I would rather be tucked in a blankie sipping tea , I can’t help but come up with my idea of things I never imagined I ll ever do ( but yet have done!) . What’s worse ? There’s no sky diving or jumping off a cliff here ! Mostly work. Yawn . Cringe. Well.

1.Work through the night. Without a wink of sleep. Just to check if even THAT makes my emergency -red-lights-blinking-crisis list any shorter. Nope it didn’t. And trust me – reading or a movie marathon IS much better. Hence proved.

2.Stay at office till one-thirty ! Hah! Many times over . But yes . Here’s the twist . To staple passes & parking tickets and label them . And NOT when I am an intern. Need I say more?

I can finish off this list right away but I gotto get back to work. So let’s continue chatting about life in a bit … Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone

Things I thought I ll never do!

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