Seems to be the story lately..
A change that even my very “change-prone” system didn’t see coming! And boy did it stir up a storm in my already chaotic life.
Anyway – so after enough heartache and contemplation later , It did strike me today how it was the proverbial “for the better”
That said , bridging the ever widening gap between my two worlds – where I am and where I see myself , is now seeming more of an achievable task than a far flung fantasy. With enough inspiration to not just think but really work towards “doing what I like ” than settling down for “liking what I do ” – investing more into “myself” is now giving small yet meaningful returns.

Its not surprising that my two travelogues that go up on HT Travel are from the two ends of the world I love to explore !

An ode to the lucknow city and its majestic monument :—lucknows-imamwada.php

And a reverie of the crystal blue waters and the charming sights of the French Rivera :

Where’s the next milestone ? Perhaps time would tell .. Or maybe my next blog post !

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Two ends of the same world!

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