Goa calling !

A long awaited holiday. A trip that might change my life forever. We couldn’t think of any other place that seems as apt as this carefree , free-spirited & bohemian as Goa ,to turn 3 years old together 🙂

My long list includes all the cliches that makes up a tourists to do list . Walking down beaches, haggling at flea markets , water sports , get a tattoo maybe (if only I could figure what & where ) and partying at ‘brittos’ and ‘anthonys’. Check out the sunburn fest and make a trip to Casino Royale. Visit the Church and Donna paula and walk all I want in my flip flops !

And perhaps some that not everybody else aboard this plane has on their mind 😉

I wish life could just go into a never ending loop for the next 5 days while I watch myself living it up in suspended reality .

Am all set for the Bohemian Rhapsody @ Goa !

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