There’s something about New Years. Even if you know that those resolutions you plan elaborately , never really last beyond the first week. You still want to take a look back at those highs and lows and ‘try and learn’ some lessons to take to the Next chapter of your life.
Perhaps the change in the calendar is a trigger for you to bring a little change in yourself. For the better. And then like most things in life rearrange themselves to give shape to your thoughts & ideas , you keep running into signs of how the world wants those painstakingly thought out plans of yours to come true. Rest as they say and as you know , is up to you.
So like every year , my new year list has the beaten to death oft repeated items and then there are some new ones that am hoping i stay as excited about as i am write now!
There are some like us who are so bogged down with running behind monthly targets and keeping up with their daily to – do list that they keep pushing aside exploring the very reason of living. and then there are others , who get an oppurtunity to do something that impacts people , every single day. Instead of finding a purpose in their life. They have a life with a purpose. Simple . Uncomplicated.
Like baking fabulous cakes. Now – thats quite simple. No larger than life promises of changing the world. only adding a little joy to one person at a time. what a brilliant way to make the world happier ?
Came across this beautiful episode of ‘Fabulous Cakes’ on TLC yesterday and i literally googled the these gorgeous pics to put on my page.

This ducky in the bathtub cake was for the spa day party for a bunch of little girls fighting cancer ( read more about Amanda Oakleaf who brings such moments of bliss to ordinary people like us with her art of baking here
I love the way she writes no one wants to be clicked with a Salad .. 🙂 but a cake.. thats the centre peice of your event.
Well .. i wish this year i get to do something that becomes the centrepiece of someone’s happy day .. 🙂

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