Does travel help you find yourself ?

No it doesn’t. That’s not a confession , its not even a humble acceptance . Its the truth . The way I have discovered it.
In my life , that can be amongst many other things , described as well travelled so far. I ve realized , travelling only make me lose myself. Its either been a means to move from one phase of my life to another ( the mad school hopping & college life thereafter) or has been to run off or escape to start afresh ( quitting job and moving cities)
I often quote it to be by destiny or design that I ve been changing cities more than I ve done anything else ever. The list gets longer and longer and I couldn’t get gladder at the thought of one fine day packing my bags and “starting afresh” now that am – settled !
Its the thought of taking a trip over the weekend or the much planned holiday even months down the line that gives me an inexplicable joy – that no treasure in the world could replace.
so we are back to this question that was posted on my FB wall some days back – Does travel help you find yourself.
It only makes me lose everything that’s bothering me right now – since it promises the thought of something new. Something unexplored and unknown. Something untold and something I can bring back with me for years to hold.
It helps me escape or reinvent myself. As far as finding myself is concerned – now let’s not get into those unchartered territories .

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