There are movies that you watch coz they never fail to entertain you each time . Or maybe they make your heart sore or swell up with nostalgia . There are some that are special coz they make you dream or smile or just make you happy inside.
And then there are those that grow on you. Each time throwing something at you that you missed last time. Filling you up with a sense of “finding a larger meaning” behind what’s been shown . They reach within someplace deep inside that you are hardly aware of living the daily facade of a modern busy life. They grab you and shake you and do that so simply – you surprise yourself when you discover that they can still move you. Something you can’t say about too many things in life.
Swades – Classic in its simplicity . Heart wrenching in its sincerity . Every time I watch it I can’t help but wonder how the medium sometimes becomes so ingrained in the message , if not larger , it definitely becomes the message itself.
Without sounding pretentious or preachy , it narrates a story that could be any of ours. But its not the narration , its the nuances that are beyond words.
Mohan Bhargav , a grounded young NRI (Shahrukh Khan in undoubtedly the most subtle role of his lifetime) visits India on a trip & discovers all that he had always known but never really come to terms with. Between catching up with work in his caravan ( & smoke breaks) , international calls dialed in in a dark lantern lit Post office , convincing kaveri amma to return with him to a more convenient life at America . He explores what it means to be one amongst the equals on a boat ride / bus ride that has no class definitions. How the poor needn’t lack self respect and the ‘better -off’ needn’t be resident to change .How to bring the “wall down” between two social classes may not always require a long winded lecture – a song can sometimes do the trick. How finally ditching the mineral water for a sip of water sold by boy at 25p a glass washes you with an awareness that no textbook can teach you.
They don’t make movies like that quite enough. So we watch the same ones over & over again. Perhaps that’s what Timeless cinema is all about.

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Swades: The Medium is the Message
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