The Holiday

Some movies are really so much more than smart lines. They make you smile and weep and make you sigh at the possibility of a world that perhaps exists somewhere with interesting characters , of real heartaches , of fresh beginnings , of free flowing conversations , of being confused & taking ones own sweet time to figure it all out. Of possibilities , hope , love , surprises and discoveries !

Iris & Amanda are literally world’s apart. One is the proverbial , warm goody two shoes newspaper worker with a passion for writing living in a fairytalisque English Town called Surrey.The other one a fiesty high flying movie trailer making magnate putting up in a luxurios upscale LA neighborhood. Both love intensely & get their heart broken in the process. Loking for a two week break away from their homes for the dreaded christmas-break – they swap homes in an effort to run away from their loneliness . What the change of address gets them in the bargain is a change of life.
While trying to help an old ailing author living next door back on his feet and ready to face the world – Iris makes new friends & finally realises how she can be the leading lady of her own life instead of living along like the best friend. With gumption.
Amanda on the other hand , sets on a relationship adventure, that turns out to be a package deal – that comes with the promise of a family that she never had & joyful tears that she’s yearned to shed .
Two weeks that change two lives or perhaps turn them into what they were supposed to be. Aren’t holidays a bit like that?

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