Eat.Love.Live Goa.

A week in Goa.
Yup, I wonder at the irony of it too. Who would in their better senses wish to know – how to spend a week in Goa! One would rather be keen on as to how to stop the time from flying off or perhaps invent a whole new time measurement system when it comes to hours ticking and days passing.
I am sure the millions of enthusiasts who lands in here all through the year would swear by their flip flops and beach shorts ; the to – do list, if you really insist on one at all – is quite simple. Eat, Lounge, Drink, Lounge, Party, and lounge. And do that in repeat mode… And yes did I mention – do all that on the beach!
But then again, if a week is all you have and you wish to spend each day experiencing life before getting back to the same old boardroom meetings and traffic jams , well I take no shame in saying. I lived each of those seven days – doing what every stereotype in the travel – book raves about. Check out my travel story on yahoo .. click here!

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