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The Many Faces of Women

Call it a cocktail hangover . But I was reading this article in HT today on how more and more women are Joining the ” Single Ladies Club” . And then there is Sunita Williams Waving a Sayonara as she flies off on her space odyssey. And I am so confused!

I think Identity of women is the most over-rated topic for debate. I for one feel for sure – Its something that can never meet a satisfactory conclusion.

There are women choosing a single life to build a career before indulging into romantic relationships and there are the most talented breed of modern age writers shaping up characters in popular media that sound from a different era . There are women “balancing a family” and a “country” on one side and many more that are getting molested by roadsiders in front of the entire country at the other.

I am so mixed up. Where do we really stand. Are we respected ? Are we equals ? I think this outpour of emotions is coming from how deeply effected I am with the convoluted writing of ‘cocktail’.

Two absolutely perfect women – hell bent on destroying each others life & their own too for a man who can only be described as psychotic – coz of the way he falls in and out of love/attraction.

The women definitely have their agendas – of a respectable life , a good job etc . But the second they enroll themselves into this – Who gets to be the perfect homemaker – contest. Life takes a back seat.

Is the purpose of our being solely – finding the right man for that happily ever after fantasy ? Or the constant struggle to find the space we rightfully deserve and the other species just has them served on a platter . Of making our own decisions , of choosing our own clothes, of walking down the streets without whistles & catcalls , of stepping into the world at all!

The many many struggles of being a woman. As many outside , as they are in our head.

And am not even beginning to talk abt Marissa Mayer being a CEO at 37 years & 6 mths pregnant does to my self esteem , while I dread the day when I bring a new life into this world & shrug away the responsibilities coz I have a presentation to make and a deadline to meet !

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2 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Women

  1. Chandni, I don’t even know what should I write. This dilemma is aggravating day by day. Where are we going, and why? But this is a beautiful post. Hoping that deadline was met.

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