If Cities were people ..

Its fair to say cities are like people. Or perhaps , people are like cities – but that can be another blog post altogether.

So yes , cities are like people. They have personalities , have an age and an aura about themselves. Some are indifferent to you and others overwhelm you with their warmth.
But the similarity doesn’t just end there. I have realized like many people who’ve come and gone and lingered on in some cases in my life Some cities like Jaipur or Pune have signified turning points , a transition from one phase to another .

There have been cities that have met me like strangers during stop overs from one journey to another – with a quiet pleasantness about them . Like Ahmedabad. Over 3 yrs of stay yet an indifference that’s hard to explain. And there have been those who’ve been like second home. Ironically – without you really staying in one. Home truly is where the heart is in case of Pune.

There have been the Paris and Venice of the worlds – when you stared in awe at every stone and pebble and turn and felt like you’ve lived a lifetime of dreams in few days.

And then there is Delhi. When you’ve settled down with this one person. Who needn’t be perfect – but whose real and very much there . You have good days & bad days . But you know life is beyond days . And you just belong here.

Am heading to Jaipur yet again . A city that has tempted & teased . Played mind games – given me new beginnings and left me with a heartache in past. A city whom I loved to hate and now look back & look forward to with an unexplained endearment .

My first job , an aching heartbreak, a roadtrip as a new bride and now another rendezvous as am stepping into a whole new world . I am not too sure about past lives – But Jaipur is a city that’s very much a part of me today. Like it was yesterday . Like it perhaps would always remain.

If cities were people , Jaipur would be like the first love. The one you loved deeply , and the one you lost.

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10 thoughts on “If Cities were people ..

    1. Wow .. how did you dig this one out.. this post is so close to my heart. Thanks for discovering it on my blog and sharing it ..
      Which city feel like a person to you ?

      1. I loved the title 🙂 and just hopped on..
        But the post was so kind of raw and true 🙂
        Giving a soul to cities & places…
        And so I had to share 🙂

        & if you ask me mine..
        Kochi 🙂 I don’t kno..
        There is the modern side & then the peaceful greens..
        Its a fusion i feel.. was there for 5 yrs..
        have had all the ups n downs..more of downs maybe..
        But still 🙂
        Awkward Earthling recently posted…#TheMagicalPotMy Profile

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