Indulgence is..

Blueberry muffin with piping hot darjelling tea, at a corner table , all by oneself on a sunday evening.

Knowing that these moments of peace would be rare and few maybe a month down the line.

Watching Meredith Grey go through life’s miseries while you are tucked in bed after a long day at work.

Knowing that however bad that review was , your life is way less stressful than it can possibly be!

Writing a blog post like a “notes to myself” in less than 30 Seconds.

Knowing that out of the zillions of adventures, moments , highs or lows – its this particular feeling of being absolutely at peace with oneself that you would rather capture , to revisit many many years later – when life would be so so much different !

Here’s to the time with oneself that one discovers amidst a room full of conversations in a coffee shop on a sunday evening … That’s so precious – one wants to hold on to it before life takes over the next day.

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