For months now .. Have been planning to jot a few words down. To mark some milestones that went by , or some thoughts that lingered on for a tad bit longer than they were meant to – just incase they got a better shape. There are days , that start off with an intent that soon dissolves into ‘second – thoughts’ and moments that capture ‘posts in my head’ and leave questions behind on if they ever need to see the light of the day. The draft folder in my head is running on full memory.. will I regret NOT writing about the past few days?
Not making any new year resolutions this year around when I was too dazed to even realize how one year morphed into another one. Not expressing my views on the most burning issues that were creating a riot in my head? Not soaking into the happiness of capturing a few firsts that almost every day for the past few months has been throwing in at me?
I am not too sure about all that .. Coz there is no way of knowing otherwise. But I would always regret .. not smiling enough , not writing enough , not living enough .. when life is so short and the 20 years that Mr Twain is talking about .. just maybe have already passed without a clue !

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